DIAMAG Cup Wheels

Depending on the type of floor you have to grind, there is always a suitable DIAMAG tool. DIAMAG has created a unique colour coded system specially designed so you know which tool to use depending on the hardness of the surface.

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) is a very hard material and is abrasive resistant in all directions. PCD tools are used for the removal of egaline / coatings / epoxy floors / triflex floors / thermoplastic / top layer poured asphalt / glue residues…
The tools listed below are designed to be fitted on hand held grinders with a working width of Ø125mm and Ø180mm.

DIAMAG BLue cup wheels
Hard bond segments for soft floors
BG707105BLØ125 mmDouble row segments
BG707107BLØ180 mmDouble row segments
BG716125BO3Ø125 mmBoomerang segments
BG716180BO3Ø180 mmBoomerang segments
BG716125AR03Ø125 mmArrow segment
BG716180AR03Ø180 mmArrow segment
DIAMAG Green cup wheels
Medium bond segments for universal floors
BG707233Ø105 mmDouble row segments
BG707104GRØ125 mmDouble row segments
BG707108GRØ180 mmDouble row segments
BG716125BO2Ø125 mmBoomerang segments
BG716180BO2Ø180 mmBoomerang segments
BG716125AR02Ø125 mmArrow segment
BG716180AR02Ø180 mmArrow segment
DIAMAG Red cup wheels
Soft bond segments for hard floors
BG707121Ø80 mmSingle row segments
BG707106RDØ180 mmSingle row segments
BG716125BO1Ø125 mmBoomerang segments
BG716180BO1Ø180 mmBoomerang segments
BG716125AR01Ø125 mmArrow segment
BG716180AR01Ø180 mmArrow segment
DIAMAG Black cup wheels
Very hard bond segments for very hard floors
BG707050BLACKØ50 mmSingle row segments and M14 connection
BG707119BLACKØ125 mmSingle row segments
BG707120BLACKØ125 mmDouble row segments
BG707109BLACKØ180 mmSingle row segments
BG707110BLACKØ180 mmDouble row segments
DIAMAG gold pcd cup wheels
Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)
BG707193Ø85 mm9 PCD segments
BG707195Ø125 mm12 PCD segments
BPCDG-CW125Ø125 mm4 PCD segments + 4 grinding segments
BG707198Ø180 mm24 PCD segments
BPCDG-CW180Ø180 mm6 PCD segments + 6 grinding segments
DIAMAG white turbo cup wheels
Diameter 125mm and 180mm
BG707124Ø125 mmTurbo
BG500106Ø125 mmGrit 80 - 100 | Only suitable for very soft floors
BG707125Ø180 mmTurbo
E01401Ø180 mmTurbo | 24 segments
BG500108Ø180 mmGrit 80 - 100 | Only suitable for very soft floors