DIAMAG Replacement wings | HTC

Diamag will replace the segments on your htc wings with original and higher quality diamag segments and ship the tools back to you!

For all our diamond products we use 100% synthetic diamond particles. These synthetic diamonds are regular and consistent in size and crystal shape which gives a vastly improved cutting ability and life span for your diamond tools. DIAMAG has a very strong R&D department. We are continuously looking for innovations to recycle grinding and polishing tools to have the lowest environmental impact. DIAMAG is ommitted to measuring, monitoring and constantly improving our environmental performance. In order to further develop our Code of Ethics we have introduced the revolutionary segment replacement program.

DIAMAG Blue replacement wings
Hard bond segments for soft floors
HBG707321/SET1218 / 20HTC GOLD S2
HBG707322/SET1230 / 40HTC GREY S3
DIAMAG Green replacement wings
Medium bond segments for universal floors
HBG707311/SET1218 / 20HTC GOLD M2
HBG707312/SET1230 / 40HTC GREY M3
HBG707313/SET1260 / 80 HTC BROWN M4
HBG707314/SET12120 / 150HTC BLACK M5
DIAMAG Red replacement wings
Soft bond segments for hard floors
HBG70730/SET1218 / 20HTC GOLD H2
HBG707302/SET1230 / 40HTC GREY H3
HBG707303/SET1260 / 80 HTC BROWN H4
HBG707304/SET12120 / 150HTC BLACK H5